Co-founder of The Birth Studio (, the first center that offers Childbirth Education Classes centered around DreamBirth®. Claudia is a Childbirth Educator, a Birth Doula, an Alexander Technique Teacher and a Biodynamic CranioSacral Practitioner, as well as a certified practitioner and teacher of DreamBirth® (certified by School of Images). She holds a Masters from NYU in Kinesiology and Dance from the Gallatin Division, and has assisted in over 280 births (as of July 2017). She has seen a great increase in positive outcomes since incorporating DreamBirth® both in her work as a doula and as an educator; her respect and awe for the power of DreamBirth® is infinite.

Claudia’s Unconventional Bio


When I was training to be an Alexander Technique Teacher a visiting professor came to one of my classes and suggested a very specific and quick “image.” I opened myself to the suggestion. Then, something happened. Instantly my neck and back released. My whole body felt free and easy, my spine deliciously long. Astonishing! All I had done was to imagine my top vertebra moving in a certain direction, and magic happened. One quick image was equivalent to months, or in some instances, years of work.

A few months later, at a CranioSacral Workshop, my life changed. After watching my work, one of the assistants told me about Catherine Shainberg and The School of Images. My heart leapt: a whole school devoted to the study of imagery! Little did I know what an adventure was about to begin.

In 2003, I asked Catherine to teach me imagery for pregnancy and childbirth, and so began a collaboration, soon joined by other doulas and birth professionals. A combination of Catherine’s expertise and genius along with our experiences in the field, (as well as our questioning and prodding),

created a system of short imagery exercises to facilitate, improve and address issues of pregnancy, childbirth, conception, postpartum, and early mothering. And thus DreamBirth® was born. Two years into the work I developed cancer of the uterine lining.

The discipline I was teaching my clients suddenly became life or death for me. I used imagery to help fight the cancer and to face the demons and underlying emotions that were emerging. I also used imagery to alleviate the side effects of both chemotherapy and radiation. When I beat the cancer, the very real benefits of the work became crystal clear to me. I often claim that because of my experience with cancer I got a PhD in Imagery.

My illness jump started me into the creative and revelatory aspects of the work, as well as forcing me to become a grateful recipient of the healing it promoted. As Catherine often says, I plunged in – and the work took on a life of its own, showing me the way. It still does. It is ever-present in my life and work; the imagery amazes me daily with what it can do, and the richness it gives all who work with it.