About Dreambirth®

DreamBirth needs to be experienced.

It is the only way for you to see and understand its power, its usefulness. And so I invite you to email or call so we can arrange a complimentary Zoom ,  Skype or Facetime session for you to sample and experience the work .

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In short, It is a compilation of many, many hundreds of imagination exercises , short visualizations, that take less than a minute to do, and deal with every aspect of conception (including attracting a partner! ) pregnancy, childbirth and early mothering. They are very short, easy and fun to do, can be done anywhere and they have the ability to affect your body, your emotions, your mind, and even the people you love and those around you. The exercises are extraordinary, almost magical in their power, and in how they make you feel.

How imagery works.

How can imagery do that? Remember that imagery is a language, and a language that belongs to all of us. You use it in your nightly dreams, and you use it naturally while awake, though many times you may not be aware of it. More importantly, imagery is the language of your body, of the baby, and it is the way into your subconscious terrain. Yogis have known this for thousands of years: you cannot tell your heart to slow down, but you can give it an appropriate image that will slow it. An exercise can be targeted to a specific organ, or more globally to affect your whole body; or to affect your emotional or mental state, or even the emotional and mental state of another. (Yes, even that!)

What can DreamBirth® do?

DreamBirth® has helped women get pregnant who had previously experienced many unsuccessful IVF’s. There are exercises to use with IVF and for donor eggs, and of course it will enhance conceiving naturally. There are exercises to attract a partner, if that is the main challenge in the way of conception!

DreamBirth® will help your birth, whether it is

  • A vaginal unmedicated birth

  • A vaginal medicated birth

  • A cesarian

  • Or a completely unassisted birth

DreamBirth® allows you to connect with your baby : in the womb and before conception!

And for those of you who are pregnant, or for those of you wanting to get pregnant, DreamBirth® Imagery will allow you to connect and communicate with your unborn child, it will  even allow you to communicate even with your not as yet conceived child.

Remember that this language transcends time and space. You can connect, as well, to the souls of those you have miscarried or aborted. And those souls will often tell you, or show you in images, what is needed in your life, and what will help you conceive.

It will affect for the better, your emotions and relationships.

DreamBirth® will also affect your emotions, and very importantly the imagery will affect for the better, your relationships: with your partner, your parents, your child, with anyone you choose!.  There are DreamBirth® exercises that will affect all those around you at the birth: the doctor or midwife, nurses, partner, friends. It will affect how they treat you and how they perform. The same exercises, of course, can also be used at the office,  at school, on the street or with one’s friends and  with one’s children.  The imagery you learn will be able to be used throughout your life.

DreamBirth® exercises can be targeted very specifically.

And so through DreamBirth® you can stimulate your ovaries, heal any part of your body, get the baby in the ideal birth position, untangle the umblilical cord if it is tangled, make your body more pliable and elastic, help with pain, and so on. The list is endless.

DreamBirth® can transform beliefs that get in the way of what you truly desire.

The list of how it can help you is endless. And it is especially useful for transforming, changing, and  erasing beliefs and patterns that get in the way of conception, a good birth, a project, a relationship,  or your vibrant health. You can transform beliefs that get in the way of what you truly desire.

Beliefs are insidious, and feel like the truth:

  • “Something bad always happens when things are going well.”

  • “I’m not successful like my sister.”

  • “All women in my family have difficult labors, late babies, c-sections and so on. Again, the list is endless and very particular for each one of us.

  • Beliefs that I have seen that affect conception:

  • “I’m being punished for having an abortion.”

  • “it’s too late, my body can’t possibly do this.”

  • “I’m just like my aunt, and she couldn’t get pregnant.”

  • “The doctor told me I couldn’t.”

  • The list again is endless.

DreamBirth® will grow your intuition and wisdom.

It will let you see your inner beauty and creativity, and help you clear and change what is clouding it .